Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Start Things Off

Ok, here it is. The first post of a new blog. To give readers a basic knowledge of what this is all about I am listing some links going to prior experiments that I have done. I am doing this because I am too lazy to move them all over here.

So here is a taste from the past of things to come.

My Published Work

 Computer Literacy


Early 2003 Poor Man’s Radio Telescope

Mid 2003 Solar Still 

Late 2003 VLF Monitor

09/22/2004 Meter Madness
04/13/2008  Solar Flare Monitor

05/07/2008 Dashboard Chili

05/31/2008 The Portable Office Solar Oven 

09/27/2008 Solar Heater Part I

10/01/2008 Solar Heater Part II

10/02/2008 More Solar Stuff

11/23/2008 Transformer Testing

12/02/2008 Transformers, More Than Meets the Eye

02/03/2011 What the Hell is flying around over my head?

02/05/2011 NOAA-15 and the Loss of a Loved One

02/11/2011 The Waiting Game Begins



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