Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, Same Problems

Well here we are firmly planted into the new year. A time for new beginnings, new challenges, new opportunities, and, hmm well the same problems it would seem. My mortgage is still too much, my equity is still too little (thanks to the market), and every time I try to make a minor improvement to "my investment" it turns into a major project.

This past year the "major project" I had going on was taking care of my flooded basement. The basement was once poorly finished and in great need of some attention, however I did not want to have to completely redo the entire thing. I literally had to rip everything out, get french drains installed and then build something else in it's place.

 This is the basement when we first moved in.

This is during some flooding after I ripped the carpets and walls out

This is the room I built in its place, that took a lot of time and debt to create. Incidentally I spend little to no time in this room. I am so used to having a sinking feeling in my stomach while down here, up to my shins in water, moaning about how forsaken I feel, that I cannot possibly be comfortable in the room in any carnation. Also because the room was finished when I bought the house, it added little to no value to it. On the plus side the french drains and pump have been working rather well this year.

So I ended this year with a minor home improvement, a great deal more debt, and a room that I still do not use. "But that's OK the real-estate market always goes up, Right?" Oh wait! It hasn't. In fact home values in my area have gone down a bit. Perfect.

I hadn't planned on staying in New Jersey the rest of my life. I miss having land. I need at least an acre so I do not feel like I am up my neighbors ass every-time I stretch in the morning. At the moment I am situated on a quarter acre that is higher then all the homes around me so at very least I can lord over them in my smugness and they in turn can point and laugh at me as I try to stop the house from falling apart around me.

Such is life

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